Saturday, September 24, 2005

October - The Busiest Month Ever???

October 8th: Berlin
October 10th: Boston
October 12th: Philadelphia
October 14th: New York
October 15th: San Francisco
October 20th: London (FWD)
October 28th: Barcelona

That's a timetable and a half. On top of all that I celebrate my 23rd Birthday on October 30th.


Blogger Torsten said...

"October 8th: Berlin"

yeah, man. saw the flyer last night. cant belive it.


9:23 pm  
Blogger LIONESS said...

They need to start adding you to those Sidewinder line-ups!

2:30 pm  
Blogger ghettobot said...

oh! happy birthday!
that is the same bday of my friend in california!
we will see you in sf.

8:44 pm  

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