Monday, November 21, 2005

Revised booking schedule

OK, Paris was cancelled unfortunately and so has Stockholm been cancelled!

Here's a review of the forthcoming bookings - revised.

23rd November - Brighton, Pressure Point
25th November - Bristol, Club Level (with Lethal Bizzle)
1st December - London, Plastic People (FWD)
16th December - London, 333 Club (Straight Outta Bethnal)
20th January - Brighton, Ocean Rooms (With JME & Tinchy Stryder)

There are a few accumulating for January including a possible mini-tour of France, and a date in New York. I will confirm these as soon as I recieve the go-ahead.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Blast from the past......

In celebration of the upcoming Bristol gig, I've decided to upload this audio from my first ever gig there....

Here you will find my set from SUBLOADED @ Thekla, recorded on October 1st 2004.

The first 15 minutes never got recorded, a shame as there were some good moments!! Check the murkage at the end when the old "Mash Up" gets dropped!!

Feel free to share it but if you wish to post on other forums / sites, please make a new link so not to kill this one too quickly!

If you like it and you're from Bristol, you know where u need to be on the 25th November !!!!!

Bristol: Plasticman & Da Bizzle

Friday 25th November:

Club Level, Bristol, UK

Lethal B
DJ Pinch & Blazey

This night is going to be dirty like a fucking tramp who lives in a sewer eating rats for breakfast and brushes his teeth with a used afro comb.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sweden was hot like a Sauna

Oh my diddy. Sweden was jokes - proper good party vibes.

Skepta (my overseas drinking spar) did not disappoint from day dot, drinking a mixture of Absolut Vodka, Jim Beam and Cola, all out of the same bottle. That is SERIOUS.

The rave was big, the crowd were really getting into it, shouting back lyrics and all sorts, and loving the tunes as well.

The women were looking good over there - it's no myth that Swedish ladies are buff trust me.

J2K and Fury were murking. J absolutely killed it though, jumping into the crowd and spitting lyrics from the dancefloor.

Cos Fury don't drink I think she was getting a little tired at the end of the night after the performance, but we weren't ready to go home! The murkage continued until about 5 am and then we went back to the hotel. I eventually got to sleep at about 6:30 am only to be woken up at 11:30 to go back to the airport.

Messy night - big up all the Swedish crew for being toppa top and we look forward to seeing you all again.

Allez Le Grime

Playing in Paris this Saturday @ Le Batofar.

Be there or be square!

Au Revoir!